DIY Christmas Tree Wreaths | @MADISONJOY_

December 30, 2019

DIY Christmas Tree Wreaths  |  @MADISONJOY_

Does anyone else get sad (read: devastated) when it’s time for the Christmas tree to come down? I don’t know about you, but it’s one of the worst feelings for me! November and December is a time filled with such joy and festivity, and when that all comes to an end, it can feel a little abrupt.

This year, I crafted up a little DIY project to keep the spirit of the season alive for just a bit longer! Our family always picks out a live tree for the holidays. So, instead of forgetting about it in the woods the day after Christmas, I decided to use its branches to make homemade wreaths to brighten up our home for a little longer!

Now, I cheated a little bit in making these because I actually just added an assortment of branches and decorations to existing synthetic wreaths we already had. I was lacking a few of the necessary tools to make them from scratch, but I’m really pleased with how they turned out nonetheless!

Here’ the wreath I started with (left) vs. the first finished product (right).

To begin, I gathered an assortment of branches. The primary branch I used was cuttings from our balsam fir Christmas tree, but I also implemented a few other types as well, including red cedar and dogwood branches.

Once I had all my cuttings, I began weaving them into the wreaths, securing them into the wire frames. It was a super simple process; once I ran the base of the branches into the wire frame, they were set! They didn’t need any twine or wire. It’s really a game of playing around with it, placing branches wherever you think they’ll look good. There’s no wrong way to do it! 

Once I was pleased with the branch placements, I added a few of these bright red berry tree ornaments. They have a long stem which allowed me to get them in the wire frame, and they added a nice pop of red! Then, I finished up with a few red velvet bows, one of my favorite Christmas decor items.

Et voila! They were as simple as that! Just repeat the process with as many wreaths as you desire, and you can hold on to your beloved Christmas tree all winter long!


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