Maine On The Rocks - Bar Harbor - July 2019

July 21, 2019

Maine On The Rocks - Bar Harbor - July 2019

The journey up Maine’s rocky coast is an experience like none other. From lobster shacks, to lobster rolls there seems to be something along the way for everyone. Mount Desert Island is one of Maine’s postcard spots. There is no easy way to get there, which truly makes you appreciate its beauty. 

Traveling with two little ones in tow, meant the journey to MDI and Bar Harbor wasn’t a speedy one. It did guarantee our trip starting out on the right foot with some fun family time at Pirates Cove mini golf. It seems silly, but anyone traveling with little ones, understands why this first stop was a critical one. After getting some of our wiggles out, we quickly unloaded our luggage at the Bar Harbor Inn and headed to the sand bar. Since it was low tide, we drove out onto Maine’s rocky coast in our car. At first our two year old was a bit apprehensive looking out the window and seeing the ocean on both sides of us. After putting the car in park and getting out and throwing some rocks and smelling the salty air the worry was whisked away and the smiles appeared. It’s surreal being able to drive on a sandbar from Bar Harbor to an island preserve only inhabited by animals.  

After a day of traveling and a little exploring we headed downtown to Stewman’s Lobster Pound for some fresh lobster and steamers! While waiting for dinner to be cooked we strolled down to the docks and watched lobster men off load their haul for the day. Seeing one small step of the crates being transferred from the boat to the truck, truly makes you appreciate the hardworking lobster fishermen and made our local seafood that much tastier. One last stop to Ben and Bills Chocolate Emporium was a must. Our two year old was ear to ear smiles while walking past the life size lobster carving holding an ice cream. Who better to greet you for dessert than that? 

Since sleeping in, is no longer an option we laced up our running shoes and headed toward the carriage trails in Acadia National Park. The granite bridges, pristine trails  and breath taking wilderness are amazing for all to enjoy even if you aren’t an avid hiker. The exceptionally wide trails allow for a stroller to easily be pushed or for an eager toddler to explore. With all the wildlife and forest terrain we could of walked for hours. 

We knew we wanted to continue to explore Acadia National Park, so we packed up a day pack and headed down to Sand Beach. The one way drive to the beach, could very well be one of the most breathtaking spots in all of Maine. Listening to the waves crash against the rocks, feeling the warm sand between our toes and throwing the smooth rocks back into the ocean was extremely relaxing and quite memorable.

We were on MDI for two night and three days! Which is plenty of time to explore a good portion of the island by foot, bike or car! On our last day, an afternoon walk in the harbor was a must, before packing up and heading back on a 4-hour drive down the coastline to Southern Maine. Geddy’s Down Under souvenir shop is a classic tourist stop. Purchasing a memento of our time spent here was a necessity for the kiddos. It makes the long car ride feel just a little shorter when a new toy is in the hands of a little one. 

Any spot on MDI is stunning, there is something for all ages, abilities and interests!  Our next summer stop, Southwest Harbor! Stay tuned.....


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