Saturday on Sullivan's - Sarah Weisbrod

September 08, 2019

Saturday on Sullivan's - Sarah Weisbrod

Sullivan's Island is the perfect escape from the often scorching heat of downtown Charleston. Located only 10 miles from the city itself, this beautiful and quaint island town has a gorgeous natural beach and is definitely one of Duke and my favorite places to spend the day.

With umbrellas and chairs in tow, we stopped off first at Middle Street Market to pick up some much needed coffee and breakfast to start the day off right. After about an hour of playing and running around in the hot sand, Duke and I cooled off in the water - I just love the way his little face lights up as he experiences the waves - each it seems like for the first time! 

Only a block from the beach is a strip of some of the greatest family and dog friendly restaurants that are a must visit in order to last at the beach all day. Home Team is a local favorite - you can enjoy a break from the sun while eating some of the best bbq at open bar or on their covered porch dawned by big screen televisions. And if you're feeling really adventurous, don't forget to try one of their signature and extremely tasty, Gamechangers - but be careful, those things can be strong! 

I also love that Sullivan's Island is also known for its rich history. Fort Moultrie, one of the oldest standing forts along the Eastern Seaboard and was built to protect the city of Charleston, South Carolina during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. It's a definite must-see for any history buff! But at days end it wouldn't be a true day at the beach without experiencing one of Sullivan's Island's beautiful sunsets. With good food, entertainment, and incredible views, it's no wonder Duke and I can spend all day enjoying this incredible island.

Sarah Weisbrod (@hellodarling_sarah) 

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