Trap Tags Bracelets

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If you have ever seen a lobster trap washed ashore on the the beach or rocks here in Maine, you have probably noticed the highly colorful tags that are attached to them! The Maine Department of Marine Resources requires each lobster license holder to attach this thin, plastic tag with a one-time use snap enclosure to every trap we are privileged to fish.

Rebekah Cox who has joined our Anchored Ashore Blog series has so many trap tags  that never made a splash into the frigid Atlantic Ocean. Each individual trap tag displays the year in which the tag is to be attached to the trap. Once the year identified on the tag has passed the trap tag is no longer legal and cannot be used in future years. The color also differs each year to help Marine Patrol wardens know that the fisherman is fishing legally. The license number is also included on the trap tag.

All tags sold here are Rebekah's and 100% of each sale goes directly to her! She will ship you the chosen color from her trap shop in Jonesport, Maine! STERNLINES doesn't collect any profit on the sale! 

Rebekah has fished the license number 70266 for over 18 years. Along with the license number, the tag will display the zone in which the fisherman is permitted to set traps in and will identify the trap with a number from 1-800. The zone is the area in Maine in which the fisherman lives and the water that he shares with fellow fishermen. They can be used as highly visible kids bracelets, keychains or even as bookmarks! But just remember, these tags are a one shot snap! Once they are clipped they cannot be unclasped!! We want to support our Maine fishermen and women by helping them share this awesome unused gear with folks that love lobster!!!

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