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Please be aware that we have run into various e-commerce websites and marketplaces that have fraudulently impersonated our website and products online! We ONLY sell our STERNLINES products on our STERNLINES official website. If STERNLINES isn’t in the web address it is not our page or products.

If you come across a website that looks like or mirrors (STERNLINES or Maine-ly Fish Prints & Mercantile LLC) that SELLS AND SHIPS OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES, it is NOT STERNLINES. These are fraudulent parties attempting to impersonate our business. We only do business in the United States and do not sell on any other e-commerce site or platform internationally. 

If you feel you have made a purchase by one of these unaffiliated and fraudulent websites, please contact your financial institution immediately and report the transaction and the website. We are not responsible for any products or purchases that have been made via an unaffiliated and/or fraudulent e-commerce site/platform in the United States or internationally.