The Lobster Trail
Maine Lobster Rope Doormats


As part of a billion dollar industry, lobster is loved the world over and for good reason.  A wild caught and sustainable fishery, lobster is still trap hauled by hand, into thousands of fisherman owned boats.   The Lobster Trail aims to share the stories behind this time honored tradition and showcase the “places and faces” behind the lobster we love.

Maine’s living wharves and respective fishermen are an incredible living and breathing story of sustainable communities which pulls at the heart strings the world over.  Geographically varied, lobstermen and their vibrant salty towns provide rich stories, time honored tradition, a “trap to plate” story like no other.   “Lobster Tourism” lies at the heart of the Maine Lobster Trail. Follow you inner yum along the Maine coast to scenic lobster towns brimming with rustic lobster shacks and lobster buoys bobbing in the sun.  Find your favorite lobster roll, watch lobster fishermen    unload at the wharf, take a lobster boat tour or stay with a lobster chef. The Maine Lobster Trail offers lobster inspired adventures (eat, stay and play) for the day, a weekend or vacation. We are thrilled to partner with such a fantastic group of people that not only celebrate "all things lobster", but also are committed to the sustainable growth of Maine's longstanding lobstering history!

Find our Maine Lobster Rope Doormats on the Lobster Trail!